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West End Winter Recreation

By January 27, 2013August 24th, 2021No Comments

Norwood Park & Rec partners with County to Expand West End Winter Recreation

Thanks to continuing teamwork between the Norwood Park and Recreation District and San Miguel County, the winter sleepiness of the San Miguel County Fairgrounds has been replaced this year with the soft swoosh of Nordic skis and crisp slices of ice skates.

In addition to an ice rink that opened last year next to the event center, the NRPD has negotiated with San Miguel County to groom a Nordic and skate-ski track at the fairgrounds. The NRPD vision for the track is an easily accessible, centrally located half-mile loop on the racetrack.

“The county supports diverse and compatible public uses at the fairgrounds,” said Lynn Black, county administrator.  “We hope grooming the race track for Nordic skiing proves to be a viable and popular addition to the fairground winter uses.”

The expansion of winter recreation is all part of the NRPD mission.

“We want to provide more recreational opportunities for the community in town and in surrounding areas,” said Jen Dabal, NRPD board member.  “We know there are lots of cross-country skiers out there. This is not only for them, but also is a way to introduce others to the sport. “

Dabal is gathering an informal Nordic club of volunteer enthusiasts to share grooming duties and learn to use the new equipment.  NPRD will groom the track with a recently purchased used snowmobile and groomer. If you are interested in helping keep the track groomed, contact her at 708-0610.

The ice rink, too, has been enhanced this year with new boards and glass. Skaters are welcome when the “OPEN” sign is displayed until 8 p.m. each evening when the rink is groomed. When the ice is marginal, the “CLOSED” sign will be displayed and skaters are asked to refrain. Stick-and-puck enthusiasts are welcome to play if the rink is empty but asked to put their gear away if others come to skate. Anyone interested in organizing a regular stick-and-puck time is invited to call Karen Bellerose at 970-901-5370.

To celebrate Norwood’s new winter amenities, Wright Stuff director Andrya Brantingham is organizing a Winter Carnival, with a pencil date of Sunday, Feb. 24. Anyone interested in participating can contact her at the Wright Stuff at 327-0555.