Ice Rink

Youth Roller and Ice Hockey Program

The youth Roller Hockey Program began on Friday October 26th, but there is still time to register your child for the Fall session. Fill out the form HERE to register your child.



Roller Hockey Program Information and Rules:

  • Participants will meet at the Ice Rink at 11:00 am each Friday for the regular season practice sessions.
  • Participants are required to bring a lunch and water bottle, and after the first hour of skating and drills will take a lunch break at 12:00.
  • After lunch participants will continue practicing and lessons until as late as 2:00 pm.
  • Thursdays at 5:00 pm there will be open scrimmage sessions for all youth enrolled in the program. Youth are not required to attend the Friday practice sessions in order to participate in scrimmages, but it will help youth develop new skills that will aid in their performance.
  • Gear will be provided to the first 15 participants that sign up for the program. If you sign up after the roster is full and gear has been assigned, you will need to provide gear for your child.
  • Parents must inform instructors of special requests or needs that arise such as their child needing to be picked up at a certain place, dietary restrictions, etc.
  • Parent volunteers are welcome and encouraged! Please email to sign up.
  • The program will run through November and December as long as the ice makers are not setting up the rink to make ice.
  • Once the ice is being poured, the Fall Roller Hockey session will end, but the youth may keep their gear if they intend to participate in the Winter Ice Hockey and Spring Roller Hockey sessions.
  • All youth will be required to wear all protective gear provided them from NPRD.

Ice Rink Rules:

  • All hours are Open Skate unless there is an event scheduled.
  • Pick up Hockey is welcome, but players are encouraged to be respectful of other skaters.
  • Please see DeeAnna at the Fairgrounds before first use.
  • Follow this link  to view the complete SMC SkatingBrochure

All participants are required to sign both waiver and release of liability forms. Print and sign these waivers and drop them off at the Ice rink in the binder by the bulletin board:

2016 Release of Liability-SMC

NPRD Acknowledgement, Release and Waiver