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Live at The Livery

Birds of Play is an Americawna Roots quartet based in the San Juan Mountains of
Southwestern Colorado. Their distinct sound is rooted in and inspired by their
connection to the land in which they reside. The band features multi-
instrumentalists and songwriters Alex Paul on Guitar, Upright Bass, Mandolin and
Vocals; Eric Shedd on Upright Bass, Mandolin, Guitar and Vocals; Anneke Dean on
Violin, Guitar and Vocals and Jack Tolan on Guitar, Mandolin, Electric Bass and
Their arrangements and compositions are a reflection of their vast and teaming
pools of inspiration from artists such as Wood Brothers, Punch Brothers and
Andrew Bird. Birds of Play’s high-caliber musicianship and song craft are laced with
imagination and a vibrant, intuitive understanding of the human condition – while
their live shows weave together an intricate tapestry of place, authenticity, magic,
and humor.
Four years into this journey, Birds of Play are venturing further out of the nest to
create community and bring people together to share in universal themes of love,
connection, and wonder. With an uplifting and joyous exuberance – and a fourth
studio album on the horizon for release this summer – these four dear friends are
riding the thermals of their creativity to ever-greater heights.


Jun 25 2023


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The Livery
1555 Summit St, Norwood, CO 81423

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