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Master Plan Ahoy!

By November 30, 2023No Comments

As winter sets in, fresh season of recreation abounds:  Try-It Tuesdays Winter Series, Ice Rink, Indoor Pickleball, Nordic Trails, and social events like Noel Night Movie Night.  And the NPRD Campus is being well-used by the community – yoga, meditation, dance, meetings, workshops, and so many Holiday Celebrations!! What a Joyous Season!

Ahoy! Something big is on the horizon: 2024 Master Plan Revision. There was a revision of the original 2010 Master Plan underway, launched in 2019, when a pandemic shutdown took the wind right out of the sails. Since then, we’ve worked to get back on course, unfurling a bit of canvas at a time, adjusting direction, sensing the currents, letting the winds fill the sails and carry the ship out of the doldrums. Now that we’re moving well again —

–>Where are we heading? What do we want our Recreation District to look like in 10 or 15 years? Of the many services & functions possible, what takes priority?  What can we do first, and what is the long game? What is needed to get, and keep, things going? As a community, we need to gather a crew of many talents and strengths, from all kinds of backgrounds, to make the most of the journey and visit all the places on the map we ourselves will draw. Will you sign on? Or come aboard as a passenger?