To provide diverse year-round recreational opportunities through the creation and maintenance of high quality parks, trails, facilities and programs.

Formation of Norwood Park and Recreation District

The creation of the Norwood Park & Recreation District and a one mill property tax levy to fund parks, trails and recreation facilities was approved by voters in the November, 2008 election. The Recreation District ballot issue, which authorized a new tax, was the only new tax authorization approved by voters in San Miguel County that election.

The Norwood Park and Recreation District encompasses approximately 418,500 acres, containing residential and commercial property as well as taxable mineral interests, including oil and gas wells. The population of the District is approximately 1,875 people. The Town of Norwood is the only incorporated town within the District; its population is about 500.

While others provide recreation amenities, the Norwood Park and Recreation District is the only active recreation district in San Miguel County.  In addition to District residents, people living outside of the District in locations such as Nucla, Naturita, Paradox and Redvale in west Montrose County as well as Placerville and Sawpit residents in San Miguel County, use and benefit from District facilities.

Norwood Park and Recreation District Master Plan