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Facility Rental FAQs

Please read through our facility rental frequently asked questions below. We hope to address any questions or concerns you may have, but if you don’t find the answer feel free to get in touch with us!

How do I reserve a space?

To reserve one of our spaces, please use our online reservation system located here:

  • All organizations and individuals need to create an account on this booking site before reserving a facility.
  • New accounts will require an email authentication to complete account registration.
  • Once your account is registered you will be able to make and change all your reservations online at the link above.

PLEASE NOTE: Our facility booking system is separate from the online registration system found on this website.

How are reservations approved?

All new and changed facility reservations will be complete once approved by NPRD staff. Your reservation time will be held until staff approval. After approval you will be contacted to arrange payment of rental fees and deposit.

How do I access the WiFi?

  • Network: NPRDpublic 
  • Password: public

There is a separate wifi for venue users using multimedia presentations only shared with production crew and staff.

Can we decorate?

Yes!  Of Course!  There is no altering of the space that cannot be removed. You may only use masking tape on the walls and the venue strictly does not allow glitter or confetti.

Is there a way I can play music?

We have a theatrical sound system available as an addition to your rental.  Fees apply.

Do you have air control?

We have a forced HVAC system with the ability of heating.  There is no cooling system.  Opening the doors for a cross breeze works really well in the summer!

Where do we park?

Parking is along the residential streets closest to the venue.  If you have items to load in, we have temporary parking by the front door and in the back alley.

What about tables, chairs, and other optional equipment? Is there a charge? Who sets it up?

  • Tables and chairs are available.
  • We have 100 chairs and a combination of round and rectangular tables.
  • Different packages are available for larger Special Events.

Nonprofits and Renters who are presenting “open to the community” will have fees waived. The Presenter/Producing Entity is responsible for set up and tear down unless otherwise submitting a request for NPRD Staff.

Can we serve alcohol?

The rules for alcohol change depending on your event type.  Contact our Managing Director to discuss the different licensing needs. 

Can we have live music?

YES!  We have a wonderful sound system in place.  The theatrical lighting and sound system are here for your use with different packages available depending on your needs.  Sound ordinances do apply.  Monday-Thursday sound must be tampered by 9pm and Friday/Saturdays at 10pm.  We like to be good neighbors and keep the neighborhood quiet at night.

Ready to Reserve Your Space?

Whether you are reserving The Livery, Oliver House, Livery Yard or booking a wedding, the first step is to make your online reservation.