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Your Support Makes a Difference

We need your support as we work to fulfill our mission: To provide diverse year-round recreational opportunities through the creation and maintenance of high quality parks, trails, facilities and programs.

For More Information

Please contact a member of the board.

Youth Sports

NPRD is proud to have taken Norwood Youth organization under their umbrella to keep youth sports going for our kids! We have current and upcoming programming for basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer. Please help us provide equipment and scholarship opportunities so we can all play!

Wide Sky Arts

It sprang from a coming-together of local people who value the opportunities for creativity and the enrichment that music, art, theater, and dance bring to a community. Helps us invite the community to artist workshops, live music, movie nights, and dance classes. With your support, we can get creative!

Onsite Projects

Whether to help beautify the yard as a designated park or preserve our historic buildings, we need YOUR help to ensure these community treasures are well supported to make them available for all generations to come!

Thank You to Our Sponsors