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Accessibility Statement

Norwood Park and Recreation District is committed to making facilities, programs, events, and communications accessible in accordance with Colorado HB21-1110 and HB24-1454, as well as previously established ADA regulations.  As part of this commitment, the District is continuously improving the accessibility of the website to make it compatible with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) by July 2025, and will be publsihing current and future documents in a format that will allow individuals with imparements to access them.

The District has a designated board member to act as the Compliance Officer for website-related accomodations.  This person will receive additional training in accessibility and will oversee monthly efforts to improve accessibility of the website and other future electronic communications.

To request additioanl assistance for website-related accomodations, please email:  .

Norwood Park and Recreation District
P.O. Box 645  |  Norwood, CO 81423

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